A special trip for women,
The journey to your soul

Just before Corona changed our lives, I gave various presentations including The hero’s journey for job seekers, conversational hypnosis to colleagues and presentations about study choice to schools. I have a passion and strong desire to transfer my knowledge.

I am so excited to pass on the message and inspiration I have gained during all my training. As an Integrative therapist I have wonderful methods to share with you.

As a trained psychologist I can  guide you to change. As a career counsellor I love to help you find the job that suits you. I can help you to discover the blueprint of your life mission. Using hypnosis I can help you free yourself from fears, allergies, insecurity, unexplained pains and much more. Combining this all with Soulkey therapy, it allows me to find the key to your soul. It is a process so close to my heart and one I know you can benefit from too.

Contact me today and begin the Journey to your soul!

There are many hypnotherapists, soulkey therapists, psychologists and career counsellors to choose from. Yet how do you find the right one for you? In my experience it is the therapist and coach who have a range of abilities to call upon to create a holistic approach. It is the combination of techniques I have learned over the years that I feel sets me apart. It is exactly this that I offer during the two-day Journey to the soul process.

What makes me stand out as a psychologist is my focus and specialisation in practical and fast-acting techniques. As a coach and hypnotherapist, I combine my work with scientifically proven techniques. This unique combination has proven to be highly effective to enrich your life time and time again.

As a scientist I have spent many years researching and scrutinising the techniques I use. It is my love for higher education that attracts me to women of a similar background and passion. I love working with women of intellect who struggle with the balance and alignment of the head and the heart.

build your life

Dare to live to the fullest. Dare to dream. Dare to be!


I always call upon my own experience in my work. People who know me know that I am a real woman. I do not mean to discriminate, but the fact remains that women have a different position in our society to men. It is as a result of my own experience that I am called to help my sisters in this world with what they encounter. 


There is another reason why I only offer the Journey of the Soul to women. The journey of the soul is a profound journey in which you uncover your deepest desire in a short time. You also face your blockages that are healed during this process. It is a very special process and helping you to feel safe is of upmost importance. It is also quite intimate experience spending two days together. I feel very comfortable with other women. And that’s why for the time being I only open this journey to women (sorry men!).

In short:

Then you are very welcome for the two-day journey to your soul!


The "journey to your soul" starts with an intake online, which is free of charge, is you decide to continue, we set a date for the two-day training and an online return appointment. During the journey to your soul I will be at your side for two days as you make this wonderful miraculous journey. You spend the night in a nice hotel, I will arrange this for you, so that the process can continue during the night without distraction from others. After a few months we meet again to look back and see how much is already changed.
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