Beautiful women

Beautiful women

By Miranda van der Endt

Do you know the feeling of putting on a nice dress? Or just jumping on your bicycle in the clothes you are wearing and let your hair fly in the wind on a nice summer day?  Feeling beautiful?

Or maybe not? I know that feeling too. As a child I used to play indoors with my dolls most of the time. For years I stayed indoors because I felt insecure. I used to try to hide and dress in oversized black clothing because I thought I looked less big in black. Even when my husband told me, he liked me in a tight outfit, I refused to buy it. Not showing myself became second nature. 

Dressing in black and not going to the gym, because I didn’t want to be seen the way I am, worked for a long time.  Until the day I needed to be seen in my business. How can you truly show yourself when really you are hiding? 

The result was that I put on weight. By making myself small, my body grew big. As if my body wanted to tell me it was not supposed to be like that. One can not overcome this with willpower. It’s time to listen to your body and start to do what you are supposed to do and get rid of whatever it is that is causing this behaviour. I am so happy I did!

“Everyone is beautiful, including you!


As I write this, we are in a heatwave. It is very hot, 27 degrees inside and 33 degrees outside, I refused to wear black. Yesterday, I decided to put on my tight white dress. I usually only wear this dress at home now I even go to my office in this outfit. When cycling in the sun I noticed it felt good to simply do whatever I want. I decided I will strive to never hide again. I know how hard life can feel not being able to be true to yourself. 

Now I know the difference between hiding and living, I need to share this with other women who are also familiar with this feeling. If you are hiding, listen to me: It is truly possible for everyone to feel good and know you are beautiful too. Just enjoy the sun, feel the wind, appreciate life as it is, know you belong to be wherever you are right now. I  genuinely believe everyone is beautiful, including you! 


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