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Specialising in the shy, quiet and introvert people among us.

Are you ready to let go of being the wallflower? Are you tired of not being heard? Do you want to be seen in a way that feels right?

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Do you still see your introversion as a hindrance? In the training “Journey to your Soul”, we examine your beliefs and discover your qualities. Contact me today and we will make an appointment to discover how I can best help you.

"A goal is a dream with a deadline"

- Napoleon Hill

My contribution

Through my own struggle I have discovered beautiful instruments that have helped me a great deal. As a psychologist, talent coach and career coach, I am here to share my knowledge and skills with other introverts. Allow me to guide you to see how it is possible to put yourself in the light as an introvert.


Introverts have wonderful talents. Introverts can often concentrate, listen and observe well. I love in-depth conversations that really get to the core of things. I can also be thoughtful and persevering.


Did you know spending time alone actually increase your reflectivity? Most introverts also have a great inquisitiveness. Many of us have a rich imagination. This is a great source of originality and creativity.

When I was young and someone said I was beautiful, I didn’t believe it. I learned to accept a compliment but never really thought it to be true for years.  Rather than finding myself beautiful, I saw myself as big and slow. Now I’m so happy I have found out what has been bothering me for all those years. 

I started to use my knowledge of psychology and coaching for myself. I discovered that it was connected to love. I noticed that many people who are overweight are very loving, caring people. I knew I could be loving too, but had a hard time expressing it as an introvert. So I read many books on the subject, but nothing seemed to work, untill I started doing something I had been interested in ever since I was young. I started studying Hypnosis and learned to appreciate myself. 


A virtual gastric band is a hypnotic tool. In hypnosis you are told you get a Gastric band around your stomach. Because you are in Hypnosis, your subconsious believes you have one and you begin to behave as though you have a smaller stomach. You start eating less and start losing weight. Besides that you learn to listen to your body more closely and eat only healthy food. I thought to myself: Wow! That is great if it’s possible! I felt insecure because of of my weight. 

I had already unleashed various therapies upon myself and had studies different ways to lose weight and eat healthily. However knew I still had to do something. So I registered for a virtual gastric band. I remember finding it super exciting and scary the first time. Now I help others through this process. Loving introverted women often care a lot for others. Their own self care, health and well being becomes affected. My work helps to undo this and begin finding the path back to self love and personal alignment.

What is Soul key?

Soul key is a process that gives you insight into past lives. Any one can have can experience this regardless of belief, religion or skepticism. Are you looking for your life mission and are you open to a soul journey? 

discover Career coaching?

There may be several reasons for taking a closer look at your career. For example, do you ever wonder if your work truly suits you? Could there be something more for you, do you want something different? 

What is talent coaching?

Do you feel that life has more to offer? The Talent Game is probably for you. It can help you make better choices in your life and your career. Discover your twelve talents and to make aligned choices to live and work with passion and joie de vivre.

What can Hypnotherapy do for you?

Hypnosis helps to remove blockages, fears and obstacles, whilst increasing resilience. Hypnosis is a created state of consciousness to aid focus on a particular subject. In hypnotherapy you can easily make the positive changes you desire.

Life Mission

I believe that everyone has a life mission. I also believe that if everyone used their pure authentic talents to fulfill their true life mission, we can all create a better world. 

In my experience, especially shy and modest women find it difficult to find their goals and to express themselves causing them to underperform. Since I have learned to overcome this myself I want to help other women, especially my shy and modest sisters in this world, My passion is to help them discover their life mission and organise their work and life accordingly.

Psychologist (University of Nijmegen)
Master of Management and Organization (TIAS Businesschool)
Master Hypnotherapy (Hypnose Instituut Nederland)
Certified Talentcoach / Certified Careercoach
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